Hillcrest High School

Class of '68

Photo Album

Collage 1

Who are these old people, anyway? Sorry about the download time, but it's worth the wait. The names are listed below. You can read them while you are waiting.

Here are some pictures taken at the reunion in June 1999 and some sent to me by alumni who were unable to attend. I apologize for the poor quality of some of the shots. We can blame those disposable cameras for making everyone look so old.

How many do you recognize? Need a closer look? Click to open the collage in a new browser window .

Row 1 - Todd Traylor, Becky Ryan, Vicki Wilson, Ann Pickel, Toni Paige, Ernie McCracken, David Hutchison, Carl Hogan, Larry Hanna

Row 2 - Linda Yates, Nancy White, Richard Tate, Billy Sproles, Sherilyn Neel, Jo Lyn Key, Greg Harris, Dee Dee Guy, Linda Fahr

Row 3 - Jerenell Norris, Glen Verner, Patti Rucker, Debby Miller, Jim Perrie, Carolyn May, David Killebrew, Paul Heffington

Row 4 - Merilyn Neel, Carol Richards, Teresa Thurmon, John Roberts, Susan Harriman, Tommy Gore, Drinda Cook, Faith Church

Row 5 - David McKinney, Pam Queen, Warren Thomas, Zina Muffoletto, John Marable, Linda Ford, Lynn Cook, Marilyn Calhoun, Carol Bartlett