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Updated February 24, 2001

OK, I'm 50 years old. I guess it's safe to admit that I was a Girl Scout for 10 years. Would you believe that when I first started selling Girl Scout Cookies in the spring of 1958, they cost 40 cents per box?

On Friday before the reunion, we OLD Girl Scouts got together for a luncheon. It was a blast! Our mothers came too. Here are some pictures.

Merilyn Neel
Sherilyn Neel
Dee Dee Guy
Jo Lyn Key
(front row)
Mrs. Neel, Merilyn Neel, Sherilyn Neel
(back row)
Linda Fahr, Linda Minton
Dee Dee Guy, Jo Lyn Key
Cindy Anderson, Pam Queen
Cindy Anderson
Pam Queen