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Old Reunion News - I can't get Jerry to update this. Write to him and complain. His original web site may still be available.

Reunion News

June 15, 1999

The Class of 1969 will join the Class of 1968 for a combined reunion at Canale Farms, Saturday, June 26, 1999. Please see the Class of '68 page for details. We are attempting to find missing class members and to have public service announcements made on Memphis radio stations. If you are interested or have other ideas contact Diane Chance, Jerry Cupples, Emily Taylor Melton or Linda King White, who are currently forming the reunion committee.

The Class of '69 is sponsoring a reception for both classes on Friday evening, June 25, 7-11 PM at Woodland Hills in Cordova. Hors d'ouevres will be served; there will be music and a cash bar. The cost will be $25 per person. All teachers are invited to attend as our guests. We ask only that they RSVP. This event is being organized separately from the main event, please send a check to the following address by May 30 if you wish to attend.

Jerry Cupples
2025 Statler Drive
Carrollton, TX 75007-5440

Three mailings with details were sent to approximately 160 known addresses as of mid May.

Currently, we don't know how to reach the following people. If you have information, please reply to Jerry Cupples.

Adams, Elizabeth
Bailey, Rebecca
Barlow, Judy
Blaylock, David
Block, Mary Ann
Boshers (Rucker), Debbie
Brown, Tom
Browning, Jerry
Bryan, Calvin Bruce
Buell, Charles
Bunn, David
Byard, David
Cantin, Mark
Carroll, John
Carmichael, Sally
Chester (Wolfe), Patricia
Chin, Fung
Chu, Charles
Chu, Stanley
Coates, Thomas
Coleman, Emily
Cox (Toomey), Dianne
Creed, Sandy
Dantes, Duane
Davenport, Charles
Davenport, Terry
Davis, Linda
Davis, Glenn
Day, Bonnie
Dean, Larry
Delosh, Ronnie
Dennis, Clyde
Dickey, Paul
Doyle (Edwards), Mary Keneen
Duerr, Laura
Duke, Raymond
Dunnagan, David
Durham, Barbara
Eaton, Beverly
Edwards, Michael
Elder, Tony
Ellis, Sharon
Ervin (Ferrell), Christie
Fant, Linda
Ferrell, Wayne
Finley, Richard
Fiveash, Pat
Forsythe, Charles
Gholston, Shirley
Gipson, Bobbie
Glasgow, Pam
Graves, Nancy
Gregory, George
Gross, Richard
Guyton, William
Hamilton (Robinson), Janice
Harwood (Kendrick), Susan
Hayes, Kenneth
Hoffman, David
Hollis, Steve
Holt, Joe
Hooks, Charles
Hughins (Rodriguez), Susan
Inman (Byars), Sharon
Isbell, Ronnie
Jackson, James
Jennings, Linda Sue
Johnson, Richard
Johnson, Linda
Julian, Victoria
Kuykendal, Walter
Lee, Orlan
Lee, Paula
Loftis, Samuel
Malone, Shirley
Martin, Danny
Maxwell (Butcher), Teri
May, Gayle
McBride (Tolbert), Charlotte
McCullar, Larry
McCullough (Mays), Patricia
McGowan, Richard
McKinnon, Art
Meier, David
Mitchell, Bonnie
Mitchell, Dora
Moelder, Judy
Monaghan, Brenda
Morrison, Kathleen
Morton, Robert
Murdaugh (Kimarainen), Kathy
Myers, Beverly
Nettles, Sharon
Nicolai, Howard
Nobles, Bobby
Oliver (Parham), Marion
Olivi (Demby), Paulette
Pierce, Gary
Pittz, Patricia
Powell, Pam
Power, Jacki
Proctor, Stephen
Ragsdale (Luter), Jamie
Reed, Gordy
Regus, John
Rikard, David
Rinella, Patricia
Rushing, Freddy
Saunders, William
Seid, Connie
Selby, Wanda
Semans, Allen
Shannon, Glynda
Skelton (Pope), Rhonda
Smith, Michael
Smith, Elaine
Staggs (Bigham), Carolyn
Stevens (Bushnell), Elaine
Stewart (Simpson), Toni
Swan, Ramona
Swindler, Billy
Taylor (Robertson), Debra
Temple, Ronnie
Terrell (McCrory), Velda
Terry, Randy
Thompson, Larry
Trentham, Madonna
Tuck (Tolbert), Vicki
Usry (Johnson), Patrice
Vann, Randy
Wallace, Robert
Waite, Barbara
Watts, Vicki
Webb, John
Welch, Kathie
White, David
White, Patsy
Wllliams, Bonnie
Williams (Cummings), Deborah
Williams, Elizabeth
Willingham, Nancy
Willis, Barbara
Wilson, Charles
Winters, Kay
Woodard, Shelia
Woods, Cathy
Woods, Skippy
Wyatt, Benny
Wyatt, Peggy
Yarbrough, Janet
Yee, Ramond