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October 11, 2003

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June 26, 1999

The idea for a web site like this started with Jerry Cupples (HHS '69)
and John Marable (HHS '68).
They wrote and posted our first official web site
when we were planning our combined reunion in 1999 (photo above).
That web space soon dried up, so I took over and posted the pages at a free site.
When that web site went to the great bit bucket in the sky,
we were homeless for a while.
Finally, after considerable deliberation,
I took a huge leap and purchased the Hillcrest.us domain name.
It cost me all of $15/yr (but I'm obligated for two years).
I even sprang for the bannerless web hosting (another $15).
Now I'm out a grand total of $45.
You guys owe me!
Big time!!

Actually this only proves that I have too much time on my hands.

So now I have this spot on the Information Superhighway.
What do I do with it??
Armed with a couple of books about writing HTML and an online tutorial,
I started designing web pages.

Don't laugh.

They're paid for.


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